Jul 01

Every Kindness Matters

By Julie Ann Cairns | Abundance

A friend of mine posted a question on Facebook yesterday: “What would you tell your fifth grade self?” Whoa. That brought up some tears! Fifth grade was pretty hard for me. That was the year my parents finally broke up, after having spent the previous few years steadily unravelling into alcoholic chaos. That was the […]

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Jun 24

Deep Wounds That Block Abundance & 3 Ways to Heal Them

By Julie Ann Cairns | Abundance

This is a longer post, but I it’s really worth reading to the end.

One of the things that I’ve been pondering lately is the difference between unconscious beliefs, and the deeper wounds that often lie underneath them.

(Later on in this blog I’ll share 3 powerful techniques for unconscious wound healing).

But first, what’s the difference between a belief and a wound?

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May 24

Collective Abundance – We Do It Together

By Julie Ann Cairns | Abundance

One of the criticisms people put forward for seeing abundance as a mindset, on an individual level, is that not everyone has the same opportunities in life. Some people say, “Hey, it’s easy for you. You had more opportunities growing up.”

And that may be true. As Dr Sherry Buffington, who was featured in The Abundance Code film, says: “Collective abundance precedes individual abundance”.

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Apr 28

Subconscious Sabotage: How Does It Feel?

By Julie Ann Cairns | Abundance

You’re familiar with the idea of subconscious sabotage, right? When you do things that are not necessarily in your best interests, or not in alignment with your true desires, but you do them anyway. As if you can’t help yourself…

Like, I want to be healthy. But I don’t always make healthy choices. I’ve been known to have a burger or an ice cream (or several, over a series of days) when I know that those choices are not good for me.

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Apr 22

When the Noise in Your Head Goes Quiet…

By Julie Ann Cairns | Abundance

One of the comments from The Abundance Code film that comes back to me a lot was from Victoria Labalme. She said (and I’m paraphrasing here) that when you’re having trouble making a decision, there’s often a lot of noise in your head around it. But when you finally make that right decision, suddenly it […]

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Apr 01

Are you Being Pulled from Above or Below?

By Julie Ann Cairns | Abundance

(pic courtesy I have a pet peeve, and here it is: I feel bad for people when they say things like “it just doesn’t feel right” or “I’m being guided to walk away” or “if it was meant to be, then it wouldn’t be this hard” or “it just isn’t flowing”… and then they […]

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Mar 24

My TOP 3 Investment Tips (That Are Not What You Think…)

By Julie Ann Cairns | Abundance

A lot of people ask me: “What should I do to grow my wealth?” and “What should I invest in?”

I mean, for over 15 years one of my main businesses has been all about teaching people how to grow their wealth through trading and investing in the financial markets.

However, let me say this: financial market investing is NOT the best investment you can make. Nor is real estate, bonds or investing in a business.

The best investment you can make is the investment in yourself.

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