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Moving From Scare-City to The Abundance Forest

By Julie Ann Cairns | Abundance

Feb 11

Does it ever strike you as strange that we live in a world that is inherently abundant, and yet we don’t believe that? 

Look at the sun pumping out energy all day every day, showering our sparkling blue planet with its golden rays of abundance… Its relentless energy flow is the very definition of ‘more than enough’. 

The plants know about abundance, because they already harness an inner technology that transforms the abundant power of sunlight for their own growth. If plants were left to grow unchecked, they would  cover many of our cities in less than a decade. 

The waves know about abundance, as their perpetual back and forth motion demonstrates. The wind knows about abundance too. 

There is unlimited energy and potential on this planet. Just because we haven’t tapped into it all yet, doesn’t mean it’s actually limited. The self-imposed  limitation lies within us, and for the most part it’s a limitation of imagination.

Why? What’s holding us back more than anything is our tendency to focus on how there is not enough. 

We focus on fear, and how we believe that everything is going to run out. Our entire economic and political system is based on the management of scarce resources. We fight over these resources and through war, conflict and greed we create for ourselves a self-fulfilling prophecy where there is a strong illusion of ‘not enough’. And then we cry about it, or we get angry, or we blame it on others (pick one: the system, corruption, politicians, big corporations). 

I call this resulting state of being ‘Scare-City’ – it’s a place where we live in fear. 

It’s real, because we made it real. Our collective mindset of scarcity, which causes our collective actions, leads inexorably to this conclusion. 

I prefer to live in a place that I call ‘The Abundance Forest’. I drew a picture for you to illustrate the key differences between ‘Scare-City’ and ‘The Abundance Forest’. 

Scarcity is not something that’s inevitable, it’s something we are choosing to make our reality. 

So how do we change that?

Albert Einstein once said “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” 

There is a great spiritual truth hidden in those words. 

If we want to change our reality, we must first change our minds. We must change what we believe. Until we truly believe that abundance is our birth-right, that abundance is the natural way, and that scarcity is just a temporary aberration mainly brought about by the fear and short-sightedness of humans… How can we truly break free?

Let’s not worry about changing the world right now… not because we can’t do it, but because it can feel big and overwhelming. What can we each do right here, and right now, to start living abundantly? What do we have to offer?

Can we plant a tree that will give shade for generations to come?

Can we start growing veggies at home, or in a community garden? 

Can we get to know our neighbours? Can we see if they need some food brought to them if they are sick?

Can we let that person who’s in a hurry go in line in front of us?

Can we give some comfort to someone who’s in pain?

Can we share a kind word, or even just a smile, with a stranger?

Through small acts like these we begin to recognise that we are not part of an ‘economy’ we are part of an ecology. We are not living in a ‘system’, we are living in an ecosystem. That rather than living in a state of constant fear in ‘Scare-City’ we can choose to live together, in the Abundance Forest.

When we look for the ways in which we can be abundant, right now, without making any other changes… We give permission for abundance to show up in our lives, and to be reflected back to us in myriad ways.

We can’t change the world until we ourselves change how we interact with the world. But changing the way we interact with the world can change the world. Little by little. Ripple by ripple. Because here’s the thing that a lot of people miss in their chase for more: 

Abundance is a state of being, not a state of having. 

To YOUR Abundance,

Julie Ann Cairns

Julie Ann Cairns

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