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Affiliate Information from The Abundance Code Team for the FREE Worldwide Online Premiere
10 Day Free Screening 21st - 30th of June 2016

Update Wednesday 16th Of June

It’s Michael and Julie here from The Abundance Code and thank you again for your amazing support.

The launch is really finding it’s groove now. The Abundance Code is making a splash and and many of you are having good results with both your email and Facebook audiences.

A few things to update.

The 4 Hay House Audio’s With Opt In – These have been a great addition to the opt in communication. Many people have written thanking both ourselves and Hay House for these audio files. In addition to being an immediate reward, these are also creating a deeper connection to the 4 experts featured in The Abundance Code film.

The First 10 Minutes Released – The first 10 minutes has been released! People are inside the film, which is another wonderful milestone. The journey has begun! This start of the film has connected the audience with the characters of the film, the animations plus the opening up the topic of What is Abundance?. The comments have been very positive and you can hear their thoughts starting to tick over.

This Thursday the 16th – This Thursday (tomorrow) we will be releasing another 6 minute section of the film which we have called The False Fulfilment Trap. It identifies activities which on the surface seem fulfilling, however, eventually leave people left empty, confused and actually very unsatisfied. We will be sending out links to the launch list at 10am Thursday morning.

Affiliate HQ – On the admin side, Affiliate HQ is growing in content. We are constantly adding marketing materials, sample copy and updates on these pages. You can access HQ here (no login required)

Leaderboard Competition

The leaderboard competition has started! The Opt In competition runs until launch on the 21st of June. As a reminder the prizes will be: 1st prize of $5,000, 2nd price $3,000 and 3rd prize is $1,000.

The current Top 10 Opt Ins Leaders are:

1) James Colquhoun – Food Matters

2) Reid Tracy – Hay House

3) Stig Severinsen – Breathology

4) George Shepherd – Survivalist

5) Karen Corban – Universal Stars

6) Robert Holden

7) JB Glossinger

8) Samuel Junghenn

9) Monika Kovacs

10) Satyen Raja

This is an exciting start to the Pre-Launch and I know many of you are ready, sharpening subject lines and making your move in the next day or two to shake up this leaderboard!

We will update you again very shortly with some more exciting news and if you have any questions, reply to this email and Julie or I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Talk to you again soon,

Michael, Julie Ann and The Abundance Code Team

UPDATE Saturday June 11th

Hey It’s Julie and Michael here from The Abundance Code.

Firstly thank you for supporting The Abundance Code. The feedback for the trailer has been amazing and so many people are excited to watch the whole film. A few days ago we were with someone who literally broke down crying in front of us after watching the trailer. We talked to her afterward and she shared how the situations and frustrations described in the trailer have been her internal conversation for years. It comforting and humbling to watch our 3 years of hard work move someone so profoundly. We cannot wait for her to see the whole film!

This week we have an exciting pre-launch week. Things are heating up and we have 3 critical milestones before the 10 day free screening starting on June 21st.

Next Piece of Pre-launch Content – The First 10 Minutes Of The Abundance Code

On Monday On June 13th (Monday, US time) we will release the first 10 minutes of The Abundance Code film. Please sign-in to our affiliate HQ, visit and access your tracking link for this pre-launch release. This page will also show you a screen shot explaining where to find your personal affiliate URL.

Opt in Bonus – 4 Hay House Downloadable Audio Files (available June 13th-21st)

Between Monday the 13th and June 21st we will also begin giving an instantly downloadable opt-in bonus. This bonus consists of 4 audio classes from the Hay House World Summit.

These files will be available to everyone who joins the launch list before June 21st, including those who have already opted in. We will supply these files as an unannounced gift on June the 13th. Therefore your existing opt-ins will not miss out on this AMAZING free bonus.

These 4 X 1-hour Bonus Audio Classes from the Hay House World Summit all feature experts from The Abundance Code film:

“Cracking The Abundance Code” with Julie Ann Cairns (HHWS 2016)

“The Sacred Six” with JB Glossinger PhD (HHWS 2016)

“Experiencing A Miracle” with Dr. Robert Holden (HHWS 2016)

“Reboot Your Brain” with Dr. Ruth Buczynski (HHWS 2015)

(At the bottom of this email we have included a description of the interview audio files)

Release schedule (dates are US Eastern Time)

Pre-launch Content Phase

– The trailer is available right now on

June 13th, Monday, we will release the first 10 minutes of The Abundance Code film.

June 16th, Thursday, we will release a short excerpt from the film called “The False Fulfilment Trap” (6 minute video)

June 20th, Monday, we will release another short excerpt from the film called “You’re Not Alone” (5 minute video)

Launch Phase – Free Premiere Online Screening and Open Cart

June 21st, Tuesday, the Free Online Premiere Screening will start. For the full 10 days people can watch the 90 minute film for free, as many times as they like, on demand, provided they have opted-in. During the whole 10 days the shopping cart will be open for people to take advantage of the launch special offers.

Opt-ins will remain open for the entire Free Screening period between June 21st and June 30th.

June 30th, Thursday Midnight, the Free Online Premiere Screening will end and this is cart closed and the launch specials no longer available.

Please, contact us if there is anything special you’d like us to do with you and your tribe, to drive interest and sales in the cart open period (Free Screening period) – like live webinars, podcast interviews, etc.

Below is some Swipe Copy for the Release of the first 10 minutes of The Abundance Code Film

Thank you for your amazing support and thank you for helping this message impact the lives of people all over the world.

With Abundance,

Julie Ann, Michael, Mark and The Abundance Code team



Description of the Opt In Bonus Files provided by our friends at Hay House

The Abundance Code Pre-Screening Bonus Audio Classes include:

“Cracking The Abundance Code” with Julie Ann Cairns

Are you frustrated in your efforts to succeed and create abundance in your life? Are you exasperated even though you’ve set financial goals for yourself, gained knowledge, and worked hard? Are you wondering what’s standing in your way? Then look no further. Julie Ann Cairns–author and teacher with over 25 years’ experience in financial-markets investing and education–has cracked the abundance code, and she’s here to teach how you can too. In both her personal and professional life, Julie Ann witnessed the dramatic highs and lows of financial success, until she realized there’s a precise formula to abundance: It’s not desire or knowledge alone, but subconscious beliefs. For years she’s studied the specific blockages to financial success and freedom, and how seven money myths that we adopt in childhood actually hold us back from the life we most want now. In this riveting interview, Julie Ann will identify these seven barriers and teach you how to finally get out of your own way to achieve financial success. Break the code and bring more abundance into your life–for good.

“The Sacred Six” with JB Glossinger PhD

Motivational speaker, author, coach, and consultant JB Glossinger explores the key concepts of his book The Sacred Six: The Simple Step-by-Step Process for Focusing Your Attention and Recovering Your Dreams. Drawing from his experiences in the corporate sphere, his Morning Coach podcast, and his personal life, as well as from perspectives gleaned from both his Ph.D. in Metaphysics and M.B.A., JB lays out a pragmatic and action-oriented system for fulfilling the dreams that are yours and yours alone. Effective progress and results can come only with meaningful focus, and a devotion of energy to a central six areas will pave the way for alignment of your mission, values, and goals.

“Experiencing A Miracle” with Dr. Robert Holden

Miracles are happening around us each and every day, and in this inspiring interview Robert Holden, Ph.D.–best-selling author of Holy Shift!, Life Loves You, Loveability, and Happiness Now!–tells you how to recognize them. As he dives into the teachings of the seminal New Thought work A Course of Miracles, Robert shares how he found his spiritual path and explains how experiencing a miraculous life can be as easy as shifting from fear to love. Tune in and learn how to open your eyes to the miraculous.

“Reboot Your Brain” with Dr. Ruth Buczynski

Dr. Ruth Buczynski says that “if you can change your brain your can change your life” – you can create more abundance, better relationships, more resilience and less stress in your life. Dr. Ruth Buczynski is a pioneer of mind-body medicine, a licensed psychologist and President of the National Institute for the Application of Behavioral Medicine (NICABM). You’ll question many of the things you thought you knew about the brain when you listen to this fascinating interview. Ruth relays the latest research on neurogenesis and the neuroplasticity of the brain to explain how you can train your mind to be your best ally. In this talk from the 2015 Hay House World Summit, you’ll learn the “highlight and dwell” technique to reprogram your mind toward positivity, as well as other simple actions to help you regulate stress, think more clearly, and manage your brain’s tendency toward hyperreactivity.

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