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Manifestation 2.0

By Julie Ann Cairns | Abundance

Mar 21
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Ah the topic of manifestation… so much has been said on it by so many ‘gurus’ and yet so much confusion still abounds. 

“Why isn’t manifestation working for me?” 

“What am I doing wrong?”

“Am I supposed to be specific about what I want to manifest, or do I need to let go to let it flow?”

Well, in this blog I want to help you understand the distinction between two very different types of manifestation. Both of them can work, by the way. It’s just useful to know the difference between them. It’s also useful to know when and why they don’t always work.

Once you do see the difference in these two approaches, it will also help to clarify for you why there is so much seemingly conflicting advice out there around manifestation. 

There’s no need to decide that one approach is right and the other one is wrong. They’re just different. Depending on the situation, I find they can both be very useful. 

The first type of manifestation is what we will call “Manifestation 1.0”… this is where you spend time visualising a specific desired outcome. 

You may do meditations or hypnosis sessions about what the manifestation of your desired outcome looks like and feels like. And in order to be very specific about what it looks and feels like, you may make manifestation lists, you might create a vision board, or you might use affirmations to name just a few techniques.

These are all great practices and in my experience they really can work. They work because you’re literally training your subconscious mind to actively look for opportunities to fulfill your desire. You’ve told it EXACTLY what to look for. And when your subconscious mind is working in alignment with your conscious desires, looking to fulfill your precise instructions, it does so tirelessly. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

So, you instruct your subconscious by visualising exactly what you want in as much detail as possible… whether it’s a relationship, a house, a car, a job, a vacation or a lifestyle. Whatever it is that you want to manifest.

There are a couple of things you need to be aware of if you want Manifestation 1.0 to work, though: 

  • You need to make sure that there’s no conflicting code (subconscious sub-routines) lurking in your subconscious mind that might undo your specific manifestation instructions. This kind of conflicting code can cause what’s known as “subconscious sabotage.”

    All that means, is that despite having a clearly stated and visualised outcome or goal, you have some conflicting subconscious code that blocks the goal from ever truly manifesting in your life.

    That’s why doing the necessary work to clear out any subconscious blocks is vital.

    I explain how you can uncover your money and abundance blocks and reprogram your mind for wealth in my book The Abundance Code, available on Amazon 
  • If you’re using a specific manifestation list you then need to make sure that getting the things on your list will not have any negative potential consequences. So it’s important to think all the possible consequences through. You also need to think about what, if anything, you might have left off your list that could be important… 

    (if you’re wondering what I mean here, I’ve written on this topic before in my recent blog What You Need to Know About Manifestation )

The second type of manifestation is “Manifestation 2.0” … and this is where you don’t actually know what the specific outcome is in advance.

Think about this for a minute: what if the grandest version of the greatest life you could possibly live is beyond your wildest dreams? I mean, really… what if it’s totally beyond what you can imagine? 

How could you possibly manifest it using Manifestation 1.0 if you don’t currently have the capacity to visualise or even conceive of it?

You can’t. Because Manifestation 1.0 is all based around being very specific about the outcome you want to manifest. 

It IS possible to manifest a life that is beyond your wildest dreams. But it takes a different approach.

When I’m in Manifestation 2.0 mode, I actually LET GO of the specifics and focus more on the BEINGNESS. 

Like, how do I want to be in my life? 

For me, it’s…

Giving and receiving Love (as unconditionally as possible)…

Being Compassionate, Abundant, and at Peace in my heart… 

Always seeking to learn, grow and expand my awareness…

Being interested and engaged in life’s experiences, and evolving in how I show up in the world. 

For this kind of manifestation to work, it’s really important to believe that I DESERVE a wonderful life beyond my wildest dreams. 

When I focus on how I want to be, and know that I deserve great things to happen in my life, then I can let go and allow the universe to guide me to outcomes that are better than I ever could’ve imagined possible.

(I wrote about this idea in more depth in my blog Sweet Surrender )

That’s Manifestation 2.0. 

Try it. It’ll blow your mind!

As always, scroll down and let me know in the comments if this post has helped you in any way…

To YOUR Abundance,

Julie Ann Cairns

Julie Ann Cairns

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