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Dealing with Shock – Don’t Let it Block Your Abundance

By Julie Ann Cairns | Abundance

Mar 27

Life can throw you curveballs sometimes. 

My Dad died a few years ago, just after his 80th birthday. He’d been suffering from dementia for quite a while, and he made some strange changes to his will during his period of cognitive decline. One of those changes was that he disinherited me (even though I’d been helping to care for him) and I didn’t find out about that until 2 hours after his funeral. 

To say that was an unexpected blow is an understatement. 

I was crushed, confused, and emotionally devastated.

The hardest emotions had nothing to do with money, and everything to do with wondering why he wanted to let our relationship end on such a note. 

Grieving is a process at the best of times, let alone when it’s compounded with a situation of extremely painful disbelief and shock. 

Why Dealing with Shock Quickly is SO Important

The shock state is very stuck energetically, very ungrounded, and it can really derail our forward momentum and block new abundance from entering our lives. 

I grew up in an alcoholic household, with LOTS of unexpected drama… so I’ve had to navigate my fair share of shocks. This time was no different, though it was one of the most intense shocks I’ve ever had to deal with.

One of the things about shock is that we have trouble thinking our way through it at the time. When we’re in the middle of it, we just don’t have as much access to our practical planning abilities. So it’s really easy to become a bit lost in it. 

There are some very specific things I do when I’m hit with a shock that help to pull me through it quickly, and get me back to a grounded place within myself from which I can process the fall-out in a useful way and move forward positively. 

Having a Resilience Plan

My past personal experiences with shock have given me a bit of a roadmap for recovery that works for me. I hope that sharing this with you might help you to have an action plan for dealing with shock which you could refer to if you need it… because it’s nearly impossible to think things through well while you’re in the middle of that shock state.

Here’s what I do to help settle myself after a shock:

  • Herbal Support: I carry a Bach flower remedy called ‘Rescue Remedy’ around with me at all times. It’s a remedy that’s very handy for shocks, like when you trip and fall or get a sudden fright. 
  • Emotional Support: I engage my support network. I call one or two close friends and tell them what happened. I also ask my loved ones to treat me especially gently. I explain that this is a time when I will need to be receiving their support, and that it may take me a while to be able to reciprocate again. 
  • Self Support: I practise good self care after a shock. I don’t push myself. I take long baths. I do gentle exercise. I keep away from sugary or processed foods. I take some naps. I have some massages. If I don’t want to do something, I just say no. I spend some time in nature. Particularly, walking on the earth with no shoes on… I find that to be very grounding. 
  • Professional Support: If it’s a bigger shock, I’ll make an appointment with a counsellor or therapist to help me work through it. Early intervention is best in any situation, but especially when there is a deep level of shock involved.
  • Spiritual Support: I pray and listen to soothing guided meditations. 

You could adapt and substitute practices in any of these categories that might work better for you. Or even add categories that I may not have considered here. 

A resilience plan is something that will work much better for you if you’ve thought it through in advance, so try to develop your recovery plan BEFORE you actually experience shock. 

Since shock is so unpredictable by its very nature, you never know when you’ll need your resilience plan – and I encourage you to prepare it NOW. You’ll thank yourself later.

To YOUR Abundance,

Julie Ann Cairns

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