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My TOP 3 Investment Tips (That Are Not What You Think…)

By Julie Ann Cairns | Abundance

Mar 24

A lot of people ask me: “What should I do to grow my wealth?” and “What should I invest in?”

I mean, for over 15 years one of my main businesses has been all about teaching people how to grow their wealth through trading and investing in the financial markets.

However, let me say this: financial market investing is NOT the best investment you can make. Nor is real estate, bonds or investing in a business.

The best investment you can make is the investment in yourself.

“Oh yeah”, I hear you say… because, I admit, it does sound like a bit of a cliche…

“You’re talking about education, right?”

Nope. Not traditional education anyway… not the kind that is probably going to get you into loads of student debt. No, I’m not talking about that.

So what AM I talking about?

I’m talking about investing in the right foundations for abundance. Because unless you invest in the foundational elements of an abundant life, you’ll never truly achieve it.

So here are my TOP 3 Best Ever Investment Tips:

  1. Invest the time to sort out your belief system, and clear belief blockages.

    This is the MAIN thing that’s holding most people back!

    It’s NOT because you don’t know what you want. It’s NOT because you don’t make enough effort, or even because you don’t have the necessary knowledge…

    Those things are important, and they have their place, but the main block to abundance for most people is that they don’t have a system of subconscious beliefs that support their desires and goals. They don’t have a system of beliefs which will ALLOW their knowledge and their best efforts to create a life of abundance without their limiting beliefs sabotaging things at every stage in the process.

    If you’re wondering how to identify and clear your belief blockages, check out my book The Abundance Code: How to Bust the 7 Money Myths for a Rich Life Now on Amazon 
  2. Invest in your aspirations and dreams.

    You need to know what general direction you’re headed in, and what it would FEEL like to live your ideal life… without being too directive about the actual path. That can be tricky and so sometimes this can be a block for people.

    A lot of people have no idea what a truly abundant life looks or feels like. They’ve been so deeply conditioned into thinking “there’s not enough to go around” and “I have to work hard for everything I get” and “it’s easy for you maybe, but I didn’t have the same opportunities that you did…” that they can’t see what’s possible.

    When life is a constant struggle, and it feels like there’s no way out, people can stop dreaming of a better life and instead they just stay stuck on the same old hamster wheel. Getting to that better life can get relegated to the “too hard” basket.

    If this is resonating with you, you’re not alone!

    It’s hard to have faith that a better life exists, AND have faith that it’s truly possible FOR YOU when all you’ve ever known is hard work and struggle.

    I get it!

    That’s why I wanted to make the film The Abundance Code… so that I could show people that not only is it possible, and there are many other people who started off with very little who have done it… but also that shifting your mindset to embrace the possibility of abundance in your life is a MAJOR step in the process.

    You need the aspiration for a better life – a life that’s filled with freedom, choice and abundance – in order to get it! It’s kind of a paradox.

    You need to make the shift internally first, in order to finally get the evidence of the shift (in terms of more abundance) externally. The Abundance Code film helps you make that internal shift.

    If you haven’t already watched The Abundance Code, please do that now! And even if you have watched it, watch it again!

    Plus, there are many other films that will help you build an awareness of, and aspiration for, what’s possible… like Dr Wayne Dyer’s film The Shift, Louise Hay’s film You Can Heal Your Life, and many others like E-Motion, Give & Grow, Choice Point and Finding Joe… (all of these films including The Abundance Code film and the 11 Abundance Code Masterclasses are available, by the way, on the amazing documentary platform FMTV). Sign up for a 30 day trial of FMTV for just $1 here 
  3. Invest in Guide Maps from abundantly minded people who have already made the journey.

    This one’s really important.

    You’re not alone. Other people have made this journey before you, and they can help show you the way. Learn how to identify those people, and get their guide maps.

    Here’s the thing though: not everyone who’s rich is abundantly minded. It’s not money that defines an abundantly minded person. I know plenty of wealthy people who are still stuck in scarcity, still driven by competition and a need to prove their worth by seeking status and symbols that show they are “better than” everyone else.

    That’s not what a truly abundant person does, in my experience. If an “expert” needs to show you pictures of their flashy cars, boats or houses in order to convince you that they know what they’re talking about and that what they have to share is of value… well, beware of that.

    I’ve seen SO MUCH of that in the financial markets space, and some of those people who were once posing for glossy photos in front of (rented!) luxury cars, touting their expertise and amazing formulas for success… are now literally in jail.

    So yes, you do need to know how to spot who is really worth listening to and who isn’t. Spot those who can provide you with a REAL and proven shortcut to abundance

    The shortcuts DO exist. Don’t be put off by the charlatans and decide that no one can help you or provide you with a useful guide map to success. It’s simply a matter of discernment.

    To help you with that, here is a list of some of the hallmarks of abundantly minded guides and teachers:

    • They place a high value on being of service to others. So while they won’t give ALL their time away for free, often they will make some pretty amazing content, knowledge and information available for free. That’s why I’m often sharing with you links to excellent free workshops from people that I know are abundantly minded. If you want to go deeper with them, then you’ll need to invest something to do that. But you can get HUGE value from their free stuff too. 
    • They are highly philanthropic and community minded. We’re all in this together, and abundantly minded people know that. Most of the abundantly minded people I know give plenty of money to charity and support worthy initiatives in their communities. They are also really willing to partner up on things instead of wanting to “own” everything just for themselves. They know the power of collaboration, and they know that a rising tide lifts all boats. 
    • They don’t try to convince you with flashy displays of wealth. They convince you with solid arguments and an abundant sharing of down-to-earth, actionable advice. They’re willing to show you the overview of their guide map in advance (for a low cost or for free) so you can make a really well educated choice about whether it’s what you need or not, before you invest further.  
    • If you do invest in going deeper with them, and you find out that actually it’s not for you after all… then if you ask for your money back, they give it to you. No questions asked. And they’ll state their “no questions asked, money back guarantee” policy up front, before you buy. Their guarantee may have a reasonable time limit on it, and that’s okay, but if they don’t have one at all then that’s a red flag.

So there you have my TOP 3 investment tips. Market conditions wax and wane, great financial investments come and go, but these TOP 3 tips will never change!

As always, let me know in the comments if this post has helped you in any way.

To YOUR Abundance,

Julie Ann Cairns

Julie Ann Cairns

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