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3 Ways to Make This Year Abundantly Awesome – Part 2

By Julie Ann Cairns | Abundance

Jan 07


I’m looking forward to 2017 being my most awesomely abundant year yet! I hope you are too… and I want to help you make that a reality.

In my last post I started sharing some of my insights on goal setting.

A quick recap:

A lot of people fail in their goal setting because they set their expectations too high… or they come from a place of feeling like they’re not good enough and so they set goals that actually feel more like punishments. They prioritise things that they think they ‘should’ do, but if they did some digging they’d find those goals are not actually that important to them. And they forget to work on their mindset.

To avoid these common goal-setting pitfalls, I follow 3 Basic Steps in my goal setting process:

  1. Tap into my WHY – Determine my top beliefs and values in life;
  2. Set goals that will help me fulfill my WHY; and
  3. Remove BLOCKS – make sure my mindset is aligned and deal anything that is holding me back from fulfilling my WHY.

I also like to apply 3 Simple Tweaks to these steps, that really help to set me up for success, avoid frustration and ensure that I don’t lose motivation.

Over the course of 3 blog posts, I’m digging deep into each of these 3 steps and discussing the important (yet simple) tweaks you can apply that will ensure you make 2017 your most abundantly awesome year yet!

I did a deep dive into Step 1 in my last post here:

Read 3 Ways to Make This Year Abundantly Awesome – Part 1

In this post I’m talking about Step 2… how I set goals that help me fulfill my WHY.

Once I’ve clearly identified my WHY (Step 1), I look at what specific projects and goals I can work on during the year that will best serve me in that purpose.

There’s a simple tweak for Step 2 that will really boost your success. This is a concept that I got from fitness guru Chalene Johnson… it’s the idea of ‘push goals’.

Push Goals

What’s a push goal? It’s a goal that, when fulfilled, actually helps you in achieving all of your other goals.

An example of this is physical health. I’m kicking off the new year with a 5-day juice cleanse, because I know that cleaning out my body is a ‘push goal’. It’s going to give me more energy, help with my mental clarity, support my body to heal itself… and it will help my body to be able to do everything I want it to do this year.

I’ve been through rough patches with my health before, and I haven’t always been diligent about my diet and exercise. I know how much an unhealthy body can hold me back. So this year, my health is a big focus for me. It’s a push goal.

Another push goal I have is meditation. When I meditate daily I am much more able to tap into my intuition, think clearly, detach from emotional and impulsive decision making, and have patience. And that helps me enormously in everything that I do. When I don’t keep a regular meditation practice, things can go off the rails much more easily. I can get overwhelmed, and I can react to situations impulsively instead of responding calmly and with regard for the consequences of my actions.

My third push goal this year is mindset conditioning. It’s something that I know really works for me. Making sure I’m focusing on the positive, on possibilities and solutions instead of just seeing problems. Making sure I’m hanging around with positive and inspiring people who have a ‘can do’ attitude. Doing regular hypnosis sessions and other processes that I know work to keep my subconscious mind aligned with my goals… so that my subconscious mind (which is VERY powerful) is working for me, and not against me.

I’m going to talk more about the importance of removing subconscious blockages and fully engaging the power of your subconscious mind for achieving goals in my next post. For now, just know this:

No matter how much you want a goal, no matter how carefully you plan for it, and no matter how diligently you execute on that plan… if you don’t really believe you can have it on a subconscious level… or if you have a conflicting subconscious desire that will be violated if you do achieve your goal… then you will not achieve it. Period. Your subconscious will find a way to sabotage the outcome.

More on that in Part 3…

In the meantime, let’s come back to goal setting.

The Importance of Clarity

Tapping into your WHY (which I talked about in Part 1) helps you decide which goals will feel satisfying and meaningful for you to achieve.

Push goals assist you in achieving all your other goals.  

But before you set your push goals, you need to identify your main goals. What you want to achieve this year. You need to be clear. Clarity about your goals is super important.

That means:

  • Clearly defined outcomes of what and how much. Specifics. How do you define ‘success’ on this goal?
  • Clearly defined milestones. For example, how will you know you’re making progress on your goal? How will you measure that? And how will you know when you’ve been blown off course?
  • Clearly defined deadlines. By when do you want to have milestones completed, and by when do you want to have achieved your definition of ‘success’ on this goal?

Last year, of all my goals the biggest one was to finish making The Abundance Code movie and launch it into the world by June 21st, 2016. There were lots of moving parts to that goal, lots of milestones and deadlines that I could clearly identify. Lots of collaborations, and plenty of teamwork was involved.

In terms of push goals… when I took a look at what qualities I was going to need to pull from deep within myself in order to achieve my main goal… I realised that I needed to up-level my mental clarity, up-level my ability to tap into my intuitive guidance system, and I needed the ability to FOCUS.

So I decided on two ‘push goals’ for 2016. First, I stopped drinking alcohol. Second, I stopped dating (I’m single). Alcohol really affects my mental clarity. And dating… well, there’s no greater distraction than romance!

I stuck to both of those push goals for the most part. OK, I went on a date and had two glasses of champagne in April… but I quickly got back on track after that. Until Christmas Eve, when I had a Mojito. That’s a drink, by the way, not a person. 😉

I was able to achieve my biggest goal of releasing The Abundance Code film in a world-wide online free screening on June 21st. Over 73,000 people watched it, and the feedback was amazing. Since then, me and the Abundance Code team have been busy serving the Abundance Code community with blog posts, facebook posts, videos and abundance mindset tools. People are saying that their lives have been changed.

Wow. I call that success.

Why did I succeed in this goal?

I knew what I wanted. Specifically. I did what it took to achieve my dream. I kept my mindset on point. And I got myself back on track quickly after a slight detour.

My 2016 push goals may seem a bit radical to you. But my WHY was strong in 2016. I knew The Abundance Code film would have the power to touch people’s hearts and transform mindsets all around the world. It was a big vision. I really felt the benefits of my abstinence in terms of mental clarity and focus, and that helped me achieve my WHY… so I felt like it was totally worth it.

We’ve talked about clarity and push goals. There’s one more concept that’s really important in goal setting, and it’s the Japanese concept of ‘kaizen’. This is the idea of incremental improvement.

The Power of Kaizen

So often in goal setting we want to get a big bang. Some major transformation. And we want it next week. So we go in all hot and heavy, over-commit to an unrealistic or punishing regimen that is actually very taxing mentally or physically… Then, when we don’t get a radical transformation in the next week we lose motivation, we feel genuinely exhausted by our over-the-top efforts, and we give up the goal.

If we follow the Japanese theme, I’d call that the ‘kamikaze’ approach to goal setting. Goal suicide.

The idea of ‘kaizen’ is that slow and steady wins the race. Kaizen allows us to approach our goals in a way that is far kinder and gentler on ourselves. And ultimately, it improves our chances of success.

Don’t set goals that are so punishing, you know you won’t be able to sustain them. Don’t set goals that are not in alignment with your WHY because you won’t actually care enough, when push comes to shove, to keep going when the going gets tough.

Set goals that push you outside your comfort zone, yes. But not too far, all at once. That’s just a recipe for giving up. Take it step by step.

Kaizen is about focusing on incremental improvements. Most people overestimate what they can achieve in one month, and underestimate what they can achieve in a whole year. Small changes add up with cumulative effects.

How can you move the needle by 1% each week? That’ll get you a more than 50% improvement in just one year. In fact, because of the power of compounding, the real answer is a 67% improvement in one year if you improve by 1% a week, because each week the base is getting higher.

Improving 2% a week provides more than 100% improvement in a year (for the maths geeks, with compounding the real answer is a 285% improvement in one year).

If I grew my income or improved my fitness by 50% this year, or helped 100% more people, or increased my mental clarity by 285% by meditating… I’d be super happy. I’d call that success.

When you keep your expectations of yourself realistic, but let them be cumulative with ‘kaizen’, focus on a few major goals, add in some push goals to help you along… you’ll find that little steps add up to big shifts over time.

Let me know in the comments what some of your goals are… and bonus points for identifying your push goals!

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To YOUR Abundance,

Julie Ann Cairns


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