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3 Ways to Make This Year Abundantly Awesome – Part 3

By Julie Ann Cairns | Abundance

Jan 11


This is Part 3 in a series of 3 blog posts about goal setting and how to make this year your most abundantly awesome year yet!

I follow 3 Basic Steps in my goal setting process:

  1. Tap into my WHY – Determine my top beliefs and values in life;
  2. Set goals that will help me fulfill my WHY; and
  3. Remove BLOCKS – make sure my mindset is aligned and deal anything that is holding me back from fulfilling my WHY.

I also apply 3 Simple Tweaks to these steps, that really help to set me up for success, avoid frustration and ensure that I don’t lose motivation.

Over the course of 3 blog posts, I’m digging deep into each of these 3 steps and discussing the important (yet simple) tweaks you can apply that will ensure you make 2017 your most abundantly awesome year yet!

I did a deep dive into Step 1 in Part 1 here:

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Then we talked about goal setting tips and tweaks here:

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Now I want to talk about the importance removing subconscious blockages, and using the subconscious mind in a way that will ensure your success.

Right away, here’s the VITAL tweak to achieving your goals that most people miss:

Subconscious Alignment is King

In my book The Abundance Code (available on Amazon) I talk about the simple formula for success.

Desire + Knowledge + Belief = Success

BUT, there’s also a formula for failure…

Desire + Knowledge – Belief = Frustration

Basically, what this is saying is that without the vital ingredient of subconscious belief alignment… where you have a core belief in your ability to attain the goal… no amount of desire or knowledge (or even effort) is going to get you there. It’s one thing to want a goal, it’s often another thing entirely to believe you can have it.

If your subconscious mind doesn’t believe you can have it, then you won’t get it. Period. You’ll fall prey to ‘subconscious sabotage’ and you’ll find that you either spin your wheels, or things fall apart at the last minute, or you encounter so many obstacles that you just can’t seem to make any progress on your goal.

That’s a recipe for frustration. Sometimes we call that ‘failure’… but I’ve actually come to see frustration as a friend. Why? Because it is a key indicator that shows me I have a belief that is out of alignment with my goal. I know that if I do some digging, find the belief blockage, and then do some reprogramming, I’ll pave the way to my success. And it usually happens VERY quickly once I remove the block.

So… it’s very important that you make sure your subconscious beliefs are on board and in alignment with your conscious desires, working for you and not against you, to achieve your goals.

If you want to know how to do that, then check out my book The Abundance Code – I take you through a subconscious belief alignment process step-by-step so you can see exactly how it’s done.

Tapping into Your Intuition

I love this idea: that intuition is not necessarily always about messages from above, from a higher power. Sometimes they are messages from below – from below our conscious awareness. From our subconscious mind.

When your subconscious beliefs are in alignment with your goals, then your subconscious is working for you 24/7 to achieve your goals. It never rests. And when you have that happening, then you need to listen to the prompts and instructions coming back out from your subconscious mind.

The processing power of the subconscious mind is immense. Sometimes there is so much information that has been distilled by your subconscious, that if it were to try to explain to you the reasons behind the resulting instruction in conscious words, it would take too long.

The subconscious usually doesn’t communicate in words anyway. It communicates in feelings and pictures. If a picture is worth a thousand words… a feeling is worth even more. So the subconscious mind processes a ton of information and then it gives you a feeling. Or it draws your attention to a sign. Something visual. Or maybe it will latch onto something someone says. Or it just gives you a sense of knowing, a clarity.

Call it gut feeling. Call it intuition or instinct. Call it revelation. Call it a moment of clarity… Call it whatever you want! Just learn how to listen to it and act upon it.

Your mind is a super-computer, the likes of which still has not been matched by all our advances in technology. Nothing processes information as efficiently or effectively as the human mind.

And yet, we often ignore or decide not to listen to the output… Listen to those messages! Because there is so much information in them!

(That is… if you have achieved subconscious alignment. If you haven’t then you could be getting faulty signals).

Ask Your Subconscious to Get on the Job

We often forget that we can ask our subconscious mind to process and find an incredibly well-informed answer to whatever question we ask of it.

How? Well, we ask with clarity, using the language of the subconscious (which is mainly images, mental movies and feelings).

Then we wait.

When the subconscious has input enough information, and finished processing, it will provide guidance in the form of feelings and signs.

Why, if we have access to the immense processing resource of our subconscious mind, do we so often forget to use it? (You’re not alone here).

Maybe it’s because we don’t fully understand or respect the immense feat of processing that goes into arriving at an answer. AND we don’t understand the language of the output.

Also, without subconscious belief alignment, the output is not always that useful. (Are you getting how important this subconscious alignment piece is?)

Another reason is most of us were not taught the value of tapping into our subconscious processing abilities when we were growing up. So we struggle on, trying to figure stuff out by only using our conscious mind. Using logic and conscious reasoning. Great tools that they are, they are crude compared to the immense processing power of the subconscious.

Now… for those who believe in a higher power… I’m not denying that either. I think of that as the “superconscious”.

Things really start to get turbo powered in our ability to manifest our dreams when we actively engage 3 levels of our consciousness: the conscious, an aligned subconscious and the superconscious.

A Simple 5 Step Manifestation Process

Amazing things begin to happen when we activate ALL of our resources of consciousness in the process of manifestation.

Here’s a simple guide to doing this:

1) Get clear on what the goal is. Reflect on the deeper motivations of your goal, which means to think deeply on WHY you want to manifest your goal in the first place. Check the integrity of the goal. Is it really for the highest good of you and of others? Do some digging to discover whether you truly believe you can have that goal. And if you were to get the goal, do you believe that may create other problems that your subconscious might want to protect you from? If you turn up any blockages, make sure you deal with them before proceeding.

2) State the goal clearly, preferably in pictures, internal movies and feelings (the language of the subconscious)… and ask BOTH your subconscious and superconscious to process and give you guidance.

3) Wait. Be patient. You’re not in control of how long it will take to get a clear answer. Trust that the process is underway. And practice gratitude for what you already have in the meantime. A daily gratitude practice will put you into an energetically receptive state to receive into your life the means to achieve your goal.

4) Listen to your intuitive feelings and prompts, keep your eyes open for signs, and use that information to help you decide on appropriate action.

5) Take action. Not much happens without your active participation and willingness to act when the time and circumstances are right… be ready for the opportunity when it arrives, and then seize it with both hands. You can do it! You’ve got this!

And finally, let me know if this 3 Part blog series on goal setting has helped you in the comments…

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To YOUR Abundance,

Julie Ann Cairns


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