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Channeled Wisdom – Real or Not?

By Julie Ann Cairns | Abundance

Sep 22
Channeling wisdom

Have you ever heard of the Law of Attraction? I’m sure you probably have…

A lot of people associate the “Law of Attraction” with the movie The Secret. Fewer people know that the creator of The Secret learned many of the concepts for the film from Abraham, including the Law of Attraction.

Abraham is a collective of consciousnesses that are channeled by a lady named Esther Hicks. Yes, channeled. Esther puts herself into a trance-like state in order to channel messages from those who collectively call themselves ‘Abraham’. Esther was chosen by Abraham for this role.

I have been revisiting a lot of the Abraham/Hicks content recently. I find it very helpful.

Abraham talks about the importance of entering a state of ‘receptivity’ – which they also call ‘the receptive mode’ – so that we can allow the flow of abundance to enter our lives.

They describe it as an energy state which we can learn to attune ourselves to. Essentially, it is the state of feeling good. The more we focus on things and experiences that make us feel good, feel relaxed, enjoy life (just as it is right now), feel grateful and blessed… the more opportunities for experiences like that will continue to flow in.  

In other words, the more we focus on feeling into the abundance that is already present in our lives, the more abundance will continue to show up. Like attracts like, on the energetic level. This is the ‘Law of Attraction’.

So, attuning to the feeling state of what you want to manifest via the Law of Attraction is perhaps itself a form of channeling. One that I believe everyone can learn to do.

Apart from the Abraham/Hicks content, another piece of channeled wisdom that I use a lot in my spiritual reflections is called A Course in Miracles. It’s a huge piece of written work that took 7 years to be brought through in the 1970s via a channel named Helen Schucman.

My spiritual teacher, Amma, is known at times to embody the energy of the divine Goddess Devi. Although I don’t purport to understand how She does that, it seems like it is also a kind of channeling. And, it’s a precious gift to all those who are lucky enough to experience it. Being in the presence of Devi truly does feel divine.

For me, it doesn’t matter so much where the channeled wisdom comes from. What matters to me is whether it rings true or not, and whether the contemplation of it is illuminating and seems to have some spiritual benefit to me.

I do think that channeling is a ‘thing’… mainly because I accidentally did it once myself!

I had a friend who was in a great deal of emotional pain, and while we were having a deep and meaningful conversation one day about his internal state of angst, I remember having the thought: “I wish I could help him.”

It was more than just a casual thought though – it was an intense compassionate desire. And when that desire arose, I felt a kind of nudge on the inside. A nudge that was asking me to get out of the way.

I must have agreed to do that, because I immediately felt myself (or my sense of self) step aside, and I allowed something to start speaking through me.

I have no name for who or what came through me. I can’t remember what was said either. I only had visual contact and I couldn’t really hear what was being said. I remember seeing the scene, I remember my friend pacing back and forth in surprise and (perhaps?) awe at what was being said; occasionally sitting down and nodding his head as some truth landed; and I know that the transmission went on for quite a while. At least an hour. But I knew nothing of what was imparted.

When I came back to full possession of my body, I was completely exhausted. Utterly shattered. To the point that I had to be physically helped back to my room, where I then passed out and slept for 18 hours straight. When I awoke, I felt like something really beautiful had happened. I was washed in a glow of ‘all is well’.

The next day I asked my friend what had been said. He recounted the main points and I remember thinking “wow, that’s deep!”. And then I promptly forgot it again. It just wouldn’t stick. Within an hour it was all gone from my memory.

That experience happened when I was quite young (in my early 20s), and it freaked me out enough that I didn’t want it to happen again. And it never has. I do feel like I bring through messages sometimes when I read tea leaves or cards, or do animal spirit guide journeys… but not like that. Not where I lose control of my body and my speech so fully.

It feels to me like something I would have to want to let happen again (and I’m not sure I do), because that internal stepping aside felt quite voluntary. Also, the strength of the desire to help my friend was probably an important ingredient; plus a certain humility – the feeling that personally I did not feel equipped to help him on my own.

Even though I haven’t really wanted it to happen again, I am very grateful for it. That experience is why I’m more open to channeled content than most people I know. And channeled content has ended up being of great help to me on my spiritual journey.

How about you? Is channeling too whacky an idea for you? Let me know in the comments what your thoughts on it are…

To YOUR Abundance,

Julie Ann Cairns

Julie Ann Cairns

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