How I Manifested the Money to Make my Film... - The Abundance Code

How I Manifested the Money to Make my Film…

By Julie Ann Cairns | Abundance

Jul 22

In the last month there’s been a bit of a theme of MANIFESTATION to my blog posts and sharings with you.

Two of my recent blog posts  have dived deep on the topic of manifestation. If you missed those you can find them here – “The Manifestation Trap” and “The Game of Life”.

My friend Denise Duffield Thomas and I have been talking about this stuff a lot recently, because ‘how to manifest what you want’ is a HUGE part of what she talks about with her tribe (she runs a business called

I love Denise! She’s an awesome, down to earth, funny, empowered woman who has spent YEARS studying, implementing and teaching manifestation techniques so that more women and men can become powerful manifestors living the lives of freedom, choice and abundance that they DESERVE to live.

How I Manifested the Money to Make The Abundance Code Film

What I realised in my chats with Denise is that I’ve never actually shared the amazing story of how I manifested the money to make The Abundance Code film. And it IS a really cool story!

I had a couple of amazing people in my corner who invested time and money into The Abundance Code project, but the reality was that I had to come up with most of the cash needed to make the film myself. And I didn’t just have it lying around. Oh no.

I had a very STRONG CALLING to make the film, and to share the important message of ABUNDANCE with the world… but the cash needed to pull it off… well, that had to be manifested.

And HOW that happened is an incredible story…

This week, instead of a blog post, I want to share with you that story in a special interview that Denise recorded with me about it.

You can watch the video at the top of this blog..

There are so many nuggets in this interview that illustrate some of the vital components to accessing powerful manifestations in your own life. I hope you enjoy it!

To YOUR Abundance,

Julie Ann Cairns

Julie Ann Cairns

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