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The Inner and The Outer Must Match

By Julie Ann Cairns | Abundance

Aug 11

Many people think that manifestation is just about getting really clear on what you want. Decide exactly how you want your life to look. Get very specific. Write it down. Create your vision board. Craft your affirmations. Rinse, repeat. And that’s it.

This is the #1 misconception about manifestation.

Simply put, this is the “build it, and it will come” idea. Build a clear enough vision in your mind, and it will come into your reality.

There’s nothing wrong with this idea. It’s not completely wrong. In fact, I do believe “build it in your mind” is an important step in the manifestation process. It’s just not the only step. You also have to make sure that the inner and the outer match. And if you don’t, the life you truly want will never arrive.

Why do I say that?

Let me explain…

Let’s call your ideal life your ‘land of plenty’. Your land of plenty has a certain outer landscape to it, and it is important to get very clear on what that is.

What does your life look like, in a practical sense, in your land of plenty? And also, what does it feel like? Are you happy? Are you peaceful? Are you excited by your life? Are you seeing ever-unfolding opportunities and wonders? What do you do with your time each day, week, month? Are you travelling? Learning new things? Giving back to the community? What are your relationships like? What’s your money situation like? How’s your physical, mental and emotional health?

Getting clear on that is very important. The clearer you can get on what your land of plenty looks and feels like, the more gravity it’s going to have. The more gravity it has, the faster it can pull you to it. I call this ‘future pull’. I’m not the first person to call it that, and I’m not sure who was, but it’s a great way of describing the concept.

So it is important to set up a strong ‘future pull’. But you also have to clear away any inner blocks and barriers that are preventing this ideal future from pulling you to it. The limiting beliefs that are getting in your way. Because the inner and the outer must match.

If your ‘land of plenty’ outer landscape is not matched by your inner belief landscape, it will never really come true.

For example, if one of the things in your land of plenty is the vision that you have plenty of money, money comes easily to you and you don’t have to work very hard for it… so you have plenty of time to spend with your loved ones, on your health and fitness, on relaxation and quality time with your friends… well, you’re going to need a congruent set of inner beliefs that say all of that is possible.

If, instead, what you actually believe is that money is hard to make, it does not come easily, and you have to work really long and hard to get it… well, in that case the inner landscape of your beliefs does not match the outer landscape of your ‘land of plenty’ vision.

When that happens, what you get instead is a life in which you work very hard for every dollar and you don’t have much free time to do all the things you want to do. Not ‘land of plenty’ but instead ‘land of plenty of work’!

No matter how clear your vision is for your land of plenty, if you’re not making any real progress on getting there, it’s because your inner beliefs are blocking you.

The inner and the outer must match.

(*Ahem* … they always do. We’re just not always aware of it.)

So… if you do have an idea of what your land of plenty looks like, but you don’t already reside there and nothing much is really changing in your life, then chances are your inner belief blockages are the bigger issue.

If you want to know more about the 7 most common beliefs blockages that stop people from arriving at their land of plenty, and how to clear them, check out my free video series on The 7 Money Myths at

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To YOUR Abundance,

Julie Ann Cairns

Julie Ann Cairns

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