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Next Level Abundance Part 1: Dismantle Your Blocks

By Julie Ann Cairns | Abundance

Apr 12

Hey Abundance Coders,

You know I love the topic of manifestation.

It’s a BIG topic and there are a lot of layers to it. So let’s break it down a bit okay?

Manifestation is largely about creating, or re-creating your experience of reality from the inside out … and there are 3 main parts to that.

Part 1: Dismantle Your Blocks

The first stage is about dismantling your internal subconscious blocks to abundance, success, wealth, health, love … or whatever it is that your soul wishes to experience in this lifetime.

This is about making sure that your subconscious mind is programmed for abundance and success instead of poverty and struggle.

It’s about making sure that you have installed an ‘abundance code’ of subconscious programs, and over-written any pre-conditioned subconscious ‘poor’ programs – the most common of which I call “The 7 Money Myths”.

I talk about the practicalities of how to do that kind of mental software update in my book The Abundance Code: How to Bust the 7 Money Myths for a Rich Life Now (available on Amazon and other major book sellers).

In fact, my book does more than just talk about how to do it… it pretty much does the first two of the three essential steps for subconscious belief reprogramming for you.

The 3 steps of subconscious reprogramming are: Identify, Weaken and Replace.

In my book, I help you IDENTIFY the top 7 limiting beliefs about money, wealth and success that most people have – The 7 Money Myths – and I provide examples to help you see how these myths may be showing up in your own life.

Next, I help you to WEAKEN the hold that those myths have on your mind. I do that by arguing the counter-case, using my academic research skills (skills that I gained from spending 9 years at university, then another decade after that in research-based roles). Basically, I help you to crack the back of those false beliefs.

Then comes the easiest step, where you REPLACE your limiting beliefs with beliefs that will not limit you. Yes! It’s the easiest step… and you’ll already be aware of many of the tools I mention in the book, that you can use to do it. You may have even used some of them before. The thing is, they don’t usually work in a lasting way if you haven’t done the first two steps before moving on to this third step. That’s the major contribution I wanted to make with my book… just by reading it, you’ll be preparing your subconscious mind for a total abundance reboot.

I provide you with a bunch of different resources and techniques in the book that you can use (easily and quickly) to REPLACE your limiting beliefs, so that you can finally access the life of freedom, choice and abundance that you both desire and deserve.

Wait? What? Did I just say deserve?

Oh yes, honey. We’re talking about the abundant life you deserve. And if that deservingness idea is triggering for you, then let’s go after that resistance right now, with my 10 minute free meditation called The Perfect Baby.

Check out The Perfect Baby Meditation on YouTube

No, it’s not a meditation about getting pregnant! It’s about understanding that you were born worthy, you were born deserving.

Triggered by that idea? You may need to do this meditation every day for a while, to really shift your resistance and help the idea of your inherent worthiness sink in on a deep, subconscious level.

Expect to find it uncomfortable the first few times. Yeah. I’ve had some people tell me that their internal voices have yelled things like “what utter bullsh*t!” while listening to The Perfect Baby meditation. LOL. That’s the resistance voice. The thing is, it’s lying!

The truth is that you are perfect, deserving and worthy just the way you are. You were born that way. You don’t have to do anything to ‘prove’ that. You don’t have to justify your right to exist, to be loved or to be abundant.

Still skeptical? That’s how you know you really need this meditation! Just try it…

In my next blog I’ll talk about
Next Level Abundance Part 2: How to Align to the Greatest Version of Reality Possible

In the meantime, email me your thoughts at

To YOUR Abundance,

Julie Ann Cairns


Julie Ann Cairns


PS: If this post was helpful to you and resonated with something you may have experienced, I’d love to hear about that. Send me an email at and tell me your story!


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