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Why You Need an Abundance Manifesto…

By Julie Ann Cairns | Abundance

Aug 21

In this post, I’m going to share with you one of my favourite tools for manifestation, and that is: creating your own Abundance Manifesto. 

An Abundance Manifesto is a document that describes, in evocative language, exactly how you want your abundant life to be. 

What you value. 

The things that are important to you. 

How you want your abundant life to feel…

That’s a key: the Abundance Manifesto isn’t about what you want to HAVE so much, as it is about how you want to BE and how you want to FEEL.

Abundance manifestation can be achieved by choosing your abundant life, every day and in every way, following the guiding principles of your Abundance Manifesto. 

See the connection? Manifesto → Manifestation.

Great. But first… 

We talk a lot about manifesting abundance on this blog and there are certainly many amazing techniques you can use to tap into the power of your subconscious mind for manifestation, apart from this manifesto technique. 

You can use manifestation lists, vision boards, affirmations, visualisations, hypnotic suggestions and meditations to mention just a few techniques. 

Yet, before you dive into any of these tools (including the manifesto), there are some foundational things you need to know about manifestation… about how it works, and also why it often DOESN’T work for everyone.

Check out my posts on Manifestation 2.0, and What You Need to Know About Manifestation for some big picture perspectives on the topic.

Okay, so back to the manifesto technique…

My current Abundance Manifesto is actually a poem that I wrote 4 years ago after a period of intense and deep introspection.

Just before I wrote my manifesto, I’d hit some major speed bumps in my life. 

I was tired of what I’d been doing for the past decade in my business life, and I wanted a change. I was also no longer loving where I was living (in a big city), because my life was increasingly being impacted by traffic jams and the general busy-ness and noise of city life. Also, my father had just died after a battle with dementia, and I found out (at his wake) that during his dementia-slide he’d cut me out of his will. I didn’t care so much about the financial implications of that, but the fact that he did it deeply wounded my heart.

All of that combined to really take the wind out of my sails! 

I felt sucker-punched and I was not feeling much joy for the way my life was organised…

Rather than reflexively try to change a bunch of things, I chose to enter a period of deep introspection. Because, as someone who understands the great power of the subconscious mind, I knew that I didn’t necessarily need to DO something different. What I needed was to BELIEVE something different. 

I needed to take a good long look at the subconscious source code that had guided the creation of the life that I was no longer enjoying… and upgrade THAT…  in order to manifest a better reality.

To help me with that process, I did a wonderful 7 day program of guided reflection called The Path of Love

One of the things that came from deep within me, as a result of that introspection, was a  manifesto for my life in the form of a poem… a beautiful vision for how life could be and what I knew, deep down, I deserved to experience and express every day in every way..

My Abundance Manifesto is called: “I Am Chosen”…

I am chosen…

To be free, to be loved

To be the light in my own eyes

I am chosen…

To be happy, to be innocent

To be that child running through the meadow with gay abandon

I am chosen…

To be captivating

To clothe my spirit in garments of splendor 

And dance dances of Grace

I am chosen…

To break the bread and drink the wine

To throw my head back in laughter as I toast the world

I am chosen…

To empty my cup into the crucible of sorrow

And breathe in the fumes of knowing

I am chosen…

To write a poem with my life’s blood

That both breaks the heart and makes it whole again

I am chosen…

Because I choose myself. 


ⓒ Julie Ann Cairns ( August 2017)


As an aside… I’m not the only one who’s “chosen”… I believe we ALL are.

I believe the pursuit of happiness, fulfilment and abundance in life is your birthright. If you were born here, on planet Earth, I believe you deserve an equal opportunity to take the steps that will help you manifest your best life.

I wish that “equal opportunity” reality was the reality we already occupied.

It isn’t, yet. That’s pretty clear. 

I seek to make personal choices, and participate in collective choice-making, that will support bringing forth an equal opportunity reality for everyone.

This is a whole other (very important!) discussion, though… which I’ve written about before. For more, check out my post on What Does White Privilege Have to Do With Abundance?


Since I penned my “I Am Chosen” Manifesto, so many changes have happened in my life.

These changes happened quite naturally and spontaneously. It wasn’t like I decided “my life is broken, I need to fix it, and here is my 5 step plan for what I’m gonna do about it”… 

Rather, the changes just kind of presented themselves in my mind as the next obvious step, at the exact right time for me to consider taking each step. 

Even though some of the changes were HUGE, it felt like a very organic and guided process. Guided by my subconscious mind, and the principles laid out in my manifesto. 

This is what happened over the next few years after my manifesto was born:

  • I wound down my stock market education business, and began to focus more on my passion of coaching people around the fundamental mindset shifts needed to create more abundance, freedom and choice in their lives.
  • I moved from Sydney, Australia to the pristinely beautiful Queenstown, New Zealand and I now enjoy a much better quality of life.
  • I significantly grew my own personal net worth and financial freedom through investing.
  • I reunited with someone who’d previously been a major love in my life when I was in my late teens (whose heart I had broken, incidentally) and now we are blissfully together and ‘whole’ again.
  • I started enjoying my life so much more. Laughing! Smiling! Receiving love! Giving love! (While not breaking too much bread or drinking too much wine in the process. LOL. Just the right amount. Moderation in all things, I say, even moderation!  😉

I can truly say now, that my life has demonstrated to me the extraordinary and transformative power of a good manifesto!

Want to try this for yourself? Drop into a space of quiet reflection, take up your pen and let your own Abundance Manifesto flow… 

You don’t have to nail it on the first try. Just let something flow. Then percolate, refine and revise it whenever and however you want. Come back to it again and again. It’s meant to be a living document that reflects your current grandest vision for your awesome abundant life.

As always, if you found this post helpful then scroll down and leave me a comment, or drop me an email at info@theabundancecode.com.

To YOUR Abundance,

Julie Ann Cairns

Julie Ann Cairns


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