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Stu McLaren – Abundance in Action

By Julie Ann Cairns | Abundance

Mar 31

Stu McLaren is an incredible, super smart entrepreneur (having launched and built multiple 7 figure businesses). But that’s not why I love him, or why I wanted to record a chat with him for all you Abundance Coders…

I wanted to interview Stu because he’s one of the most abundantly minded people I know. Period.

Stu’s big WHY in life is about making this world a better place. To that aim, he and his lovely wife Amy run an incredible charity that they established called World Teacher Aid, which builds schools for kids in Kenya.

So… apart from being a brilliant entrepreneur who openly and generously shares his amazing how-to tips with others so that they can create more abundance in their own lives… he then turns around and gives a HUGE percentage of his own income, time and fundraising efforts to World Teacher Aid in order to make the lives of thousands of children better every day.

This guy is truly an amazing example of Abundance in Action. He’s really sweet, funny and high energy too… so our interview crackles with the electricity of his wit, intelligence and passion for life.

In this interview, Stu and I talk about:

  • Some of the key features of the abundant, growth-oriented mindset (and how they show up in real life)
  • Stu’s own background growing up in a working class family, without much money to speak of… and how he broke free from the Scarcity mindset
  • How Stu overcame a deep seated guilt about making money, with one simple mindset hack, that unlocked huge flows of Abundance for him
  • How Stu translated some of the the mindset skills he learned from being a successful college athlete (which almost didn’t happen!) into business and philanthropic successes later on in life
  • The amazing mindset gifts he received from his parents, from his coaches and from his mentors – what they were, and how they made all the difference in allowing him to create abundance across all areas of his life

This interview is an absolute cracker, jam packed with incredible pearls of wisdom from Stu! And I know you’re going to LOVE it!

To YOUR Abundance,

Julie Ann Cairns

Julie Ann Cairns


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